We meet:
We meet to get aquainted, discuss your needs and set clear expectations. This is extremely important. I will ask you to bring some photographs that you like and I will bring my portfolio and image samples that I like. We will agree together upon a simple strategy for the shoot including a firm estimate for my fees. With your permission I will bring along a camera and take a few test shots so I will be able to study your face before the shoot. At this point if we don't come to a firm agreement on an approach I will be happy to refer you to another photographer in the area who might be a better fit.

The session:
I will arrive and perform whatever setup is needed, answering any questions you may have. We will take a few shots and determine together what is working and what isn't. The session will continue in this way, resulting in some wonderful images! This is a highly collaborative process where honesty, flexibilty and comfort are the name of the game. You should feel free to have anyone or anything that you wish present to make you feel more at ease in front of the camera. You will have 100% of my attention and we will not be interrupted.

The proofs:
I will do a first round of re-touching on your images and upload them to a secure website. I will then notify you that they are ready for your review. You let me know which ones you like and whether any changes are needed. I'll make those changes, update the proofs and re-submit them to you for your approval. You let me know the sizes and quantities you desire and I send them off to the lab. You will receive confirmation and an invoice from me when the order has been received by the lab.

Delivery of prints:
When the lab is done I will contact you and arrange for pickup/delivery and payment.

I take your satisfaction very seriously. If you are not satisfied, you will not be invoiced. It's that simple.